Things you should know about Gum Contouring

Published: 03rd January 2012
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Gum contouring or gum reshaping, is a cosmetic form of dental treatment used to enhance the overall appearance of someone’s teeth. It is mainly used in situations where the person has what is generally referred as ‘gummy smile’. A person gets a gummy smile, when the gums cover too much of the teeth, typically the front teeth, and this can make the length of the teeth appear too short. This condition can discourage a person, since they find their smile is not appealing.
There are several reasons for a gummy smile, such as genetics or health circumstances. Some medicines prescribed for high blood pressure can also cause a gummy smile. This can adversely affect a person’s self-confidence and they will always try to hide their smile from others. A gummy smile is not much of a medical problem but is actually an aesthetic problem. But since it can damage one’s self confidence and affect mental wellbeing, gum contouring is considered as a significant dental treatment. Luckily, gum contouring treatments are now available to bring back the smile to these individuals. This treatment is not painful and takes care of the problem quickly.
Gum contouring is a procedure which is often carried out with a scalpel. With the recent technological advances now there are even specific laser devices that can be used in the treatment of ‘gummy smile’. Dentists use a scalpel or laser to trim away the unnecessary gum covering the teeth. The treatment is considered to be quick and often painless. When scalpel is used it will be a little slower, and when the laser is used you get the extra benefit of sealing blood vessels during the procedure. By sealing blood vessels, you can restrict the amount of blood flowing of the incision. Gum contouring is a simple technique that can definitely solve the problem of gummy smile.

The procedure is painless as local anesthetic is given to eliminate feeling from the specific area where the treatment is supposed to be carried out. Then the excessive gum that is covering the front teeth will be trimmed away using scalpel or laser device. The dentist will reshape the remaining gum after trimming away the excess. You can expect the healing to be faster, especially if your dentist used the laser device for the treatment. The laser device can seal blood vessels, so that excessive bleeding can be avoided.

There can be specific cases where trimming and reshaping of the gum is not adequate to get a good result. In such situations, the dentist may have to take away some of the bone in which the teeth are rooted. This will depend on the decision of your dentist. This may sound scary to some people but it is just as simple a process. When the treatment is done your dentist may advise you to have veneers or crowns to support the enhancement of your smile.

Although this treatment is a simple one there are certain risks involved. The healing process is supposed to be quick, but may take more time when a scalpel is used for the treatment. The removal of too much gum can make it hard for the particular area to heal well. This may cause swelling and you may need to go through further treatment to correct it.

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