How Wooden Sash Windows are made

Published: 09th February 2012
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English scientist Robert Hooke was the person who introduced the sash window design to the world. The first sash windows were created in as far back as seventeenth century. These types of windows are elegant and usually Georgian and Victorian style homes have them. Nevertheless, a lot of designers still use this style on contemporary buildings and houses in the twenty first century. Here is an overview of the modern manufacturing processes for wooden sash windows.

In Hooke’s initial design, the window had glass panes that were intended for mobility. One or both panes could be moved in a horizontally or vertically. Once the panes are opened they let ventilation and flow of air all over a chamber. Every glass pane contains gridded panels. Typically, every pane would have a grid, separating the glass into segments with three panels across and two panels tall. Once both panes are shut, the window appears to be one huge glass with twelve equal segments.

Numerous utensils and material are required to make a great window. When creating wooden sash windows, first of all you have to select the wood you want for your windows. Using a table saw, dado blade and finishing blade, the wood can be cut accurately to make the window frame. Apart from the mentioned large tools, other necessities would be nails, wood glue, a rabbeting bit, sand paper and safety goggles. With the help of a quarter inch chisel square edges and corners in the wood will be created.

Constructing a strong frame is important. With the dado blade, tenons can be cut and they should be three eighths of an inch long and a quarter inch thick. These tenons are protrusions that spread out at the edge of the wood and they are supposed to fit into holes of the same size on the adjacent sections of wood. The tenons stick out from the upper and lower sections, and the holes will be molded into the side sections of the wooden structure. After completing the carving of tenons and holes, connect the parts together similar to a puzzle. Wood glue is used in order to bond them together. You have to leave them for about an hour for the glue to solidify prior to placing nails in the side panels to strengthen the connections.

After making sure the frame is strong, you need to place the glass on the window. For that you require a notch to be cut along the inside of the frame. Tools you need to get this done are a rabbeting bit and quarter inch chisel. Earlier to fixing the glass into the notch, the whole notch must be covered with a glazing compound. After carefully placing the glass in the notch, you have to press it downwards to ensure it sticks to the glaze. Putting some extra glaze to the ends of the glass can help you keep it locked in. Leave it overnight for the glaze to properly dry. When the glaze has hardened, you can proceed with the painting.

Wooden windows need extra care and proper maintenance, as there’s a higher possibility for wood to get damaged and decayed by weather conditions. Always let professionals to take care of glass repairs and glass replacement of your Windows and enhance the beauty and quality of your home.

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