A guide to teeth straightening techniques

Published: 14th December 2011
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“Crooked teeth” is a dental problem experienced by many people. Some people’s teeth are naturally crooked. In certain cases, perfectly straight teeth can turn out to be crooked as people grow older, when the structure of your mouth evolves. You can also get crooked teeth as a result of lost teeth as the other remaining teeth moves. There are different teeth straightening techniques available in the modern cosmetic dentistry.
Fixed orthodontic braces are the traditional method of straightening teeth and specially used for small children. In this technique, metal wires are fixed to the front surfaces of your teeth with brackets. These brackets and wires are gradually tightened over time, inserting mild pressure to the teeth and stimulating them to move into a straighter position. The time taken to achieve straight teeth varies with how much movement of your teeth is necessary, and after the initial examination, your dentist will be able to advise you on this. An extensive range of brackets and braces systems is now offered by the dentists, which includes smaller tooth-colored ceramic brackets and friction-free braces such as the Damon system.
Lingual braces are another option you have and they are quite similar to traditional wire braces. But the main difference is they are fixed to the inside surfaces of your teeth and therefore cannot be seen from the front. Although they are pretty uncomfortable and hard to get used to, Lingual braces offer a great solution to get your teeth straightened without anybody seeing it. Lingual braces can even be used to solve serious orthodontic cases.

The invisalign system gives you a chance to get the best teeth-straightening effects without using visible wires. Many people are reluctant to wear braces with visible wires, specially the adults as they find it is embarrassing. The invisalign system uses clear aligners which have an appearance similar to transparent gum shields, your teeth are gradually shifted into straitened positions. And these aligners are replaced every two weeks. The benefit of invisalign compared to metal braces is that you can take them out when you want to clean your teeth or eat. Invisalign has become a very popular teeth straightening technique.

The Inman Aligner is another alternative which is a combination of the invisible braces system and the metal braces system. It is not as "invisible" as Invisalign because it still contains metal components but it depends on a removable aligner that moves your teeth by putting pressure on them. One key advantage of the Inman Aligner is you can get faster results compared to the Invisalign. Further, just one appliance is needed for the whole treatment, and it is more cost effective.

Damon Braces, which are considered as a "friction-free" option to traditional techniques with braces, do not use any elastic ties. They are supposed to be more comfortable while offering quicker tooth-straightening results with comparison to techniques with traditional braces.

There is a new orthodontic treatment called ‘The Six-Month Smile’ to straighten your teeth. In this treatment, tooth-colored brackets and wires are used and it concentrates on moving the teeth that are visible when you smile. This treatment takes only six months, and it would typically take 18 months to 24 months to get the same results with other treatments.

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